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Welcome to The Juice. This is a section devoted to sharing some of the things I’m into lately. Be it music, podcasts, books, art, products, shows, movies, whatever really. Hope you enjoy and find some new stuff to check out!

This last week my wife and I took a little road trip down to Florida which included an overnight stay in New Orleans. It’s rare we get to spend any large amount of time alone, so it was a nice change of pace.

*These recommendations are not sponsored. I just want ya’ll to check out some good shit.

6lack - East Atlanta Love Letter


I got turned onto 6LACK a few years back on twitter. And was an instant fan. Felt like I waited forever for this album to come out. But it was worth it, with cameos from some of rap’s best new artists and plenty of smooth grooves. It’s bound to be a staple for years to come.

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cbd gummies & vape liquid


In the search for ultimate relaxation during my vacation I decided to give THC’s more mature sibling (CBD - Cannabidiol) a go and see how that treated me. I started using Apothecanna’s Extra Strength CBD topical last year for back pain. As a natural skeptic I was really impressed that it actually had a great effect on me. So taking it to a different level was pretty easy for me.

  • The JUST CBD gummies helped with a couple of issues I deal with regularly, and not just like kinda helped. But helped a whole fuckin’ lot with pain, anxiety and problems with getting decent sleep.

  • The Organabus vape oil is great for sleep and anxiety I haven’t really felt the pain management effects with the vape oil that you feel with edibles or topicals but the “Pineapple Express” terpene infusion is awesome, smells and tastes great.

    Highly recommend checking these out if you’ve even been somewhat curious. Now that CBD is basically legal all over North America there are plenty of choices out there. The beauty of CBD is it doesn’t any of the psychotropic effects that THC do. Sometimes cannabis weirds me out! I wanted to mention these specific brands because I know they are legit and work great. Unfortunately theres still some imposters out there putting out low grade CBD products that don’t really do shit. So you may have to do a little research but it’ll be worth it!



I’m not really into podcasts. I do listen to a few select on occasion when I see one that grabs my attention, but as far as making it a part of my daily/weekly listening. I’d rather just jam out on some tunes. My wife on the other hand is the exact opposite. She loves podcasts, so on our trip she requested to listen to some while we drove. I agreed, one that was on my radar was Jon Contino’s (The Nose Knows). As one of my favorite designers/artists and just awesomely cool dudes, I wanted to at least give it a shot. My wife was sorta reluctant, I think we both kind of thought It’d be all about design but it wasn’t at all. Which was refreshing, It’s kind of just topical conversation and stories from Jon’s life which I found sort of fascinating having so much in common with him growing up in the 90s and growing up into heavy metal/hardcore/punk music. Definitely an awesome listen wherever you listen to podcasts.


next gen (netflix)

nextgen juice.jpeg

Since becoming a full-time parent to my niece. I often find it grueling to have to get through some of the movies or shows she loves to watch with me. I usually just grin and bare it. This weekend my wife put the kid and I both onto something great from Netflix. It was full of action, very relatable to the digital landscape we currently live in and even had some pretty good stuff us dinosaurs could chuckle at. I’d watch this again even if my kid wasn’t around. I really enjoyed the animation style and forward thinking from a creative aspect. Save yourself the mindless Netflix scrolling and check this one out.

Thats all for this installment of The Juice. Catch ya latttterrrrr.

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