Like A Rolling Stone


I’ve been diggin’ a lot of different stuff the last couple of weeks. So I figured I should whip up some juice! This one is rock n roll heavy. So crank it up, man!


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These guys are back with another punch to the gut, with some raw punk infused rock. Touching on many of the life issues we face as adults navigating this rocky landscape of life. (Track 5) “Auf Wiedersehen” is the ultimate tell off. That reads like drunken voicemail accompanied in a slow chuggy ballad-like fashion. The next song that shines through for me on this record is (Track 9) “I Don’t Want That Phone Call” It rears is rawness as an intervention to a friend

Hey man
You gotta slow down
‘Cause I don’t want that phone call

You almost died
Five or six times
You said you’d straighten out
After your DUI
‘Cause no one should ever have to call their fate
Death by drugs and alcohol at 28

This song is very relatable for me cause I’ve been on both sides of this conversation. It helps that the song jams its fuckin face off.

These are just a couple of stand out tracks for me, but this album is best consumed from front to back. With a nice little treat at the end with a cover. The classic “Hit The Lights” by everyone’s favorite Bay Area Thrash Gods METALLICAAAAA. I can’t really think of a better way to end an album.

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I stumbled across something pretty cool, actually really cool. It’s an app that let’s you produce and distribute your own podcast all on your phone. I tried it out (there may or may not be a podcast coming in the future… let me know if you wanna be on my podcast) and it’s really easy, it also lets you upload all your own content, like sounds, interludes and music. You can even link it to a music service like Spotify and use 30 second clips of any of the music in their catalogue. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “Do we really need another podcast, Jeremy?” Maybe not, but maybe we do, if nothing else it’d be fun to try! You can also find new and featured podcasts to listen to in the app.

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It’s been quite a bit of time since Coheed released a new album. But this latest offering from the Prog Rock heroes touches on some earlier Coheed notes. With a conceptual layout that reminds me of the first three albums, these songs also feel like Claudio is definitely injecting his life into these stories in a really personal way, even more so than previous Coheed projects.

If you are new to this band, this might be a good place to jump in and back track. I initially was fairly weirded out by Claudio’s vocal style when I started listening to them years ago but once I kinda picked up on it they became one of my favorite rock bands of all time. Definitely worth the listen if you can delve into your imagination a bit.

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