Back to the Bar

Failure and making lemonade from lemons. Then putting booze in it. 

On Wednesday, I did my first shift as a bartender at The Stopline Bar which is in Tim Faulkner Gallery in scenic Germantown here in Louisville. (That was like the sentence equivalent of a Russian nesting doll)

Anyways, the photo business has been real sucky for me lately and money is tight. So when Tim offered me a couple of shifts per week I jumped on it. 


I was pretty nervous about it going in because I haven't bartended since I worked at Texas Roadhouse 8 years ago. I thought I might be too rusty, or too slow, or that the patrons wouldn't like me. But my fears were quickly put to bed once I took the plunge.  

The pace was brisk but not frantic. I got to pick the music, I was allowed to responsibly drink beer, and the patrons embraced me with open arms. I quickly fell into some great conversations with all of the regulars and one of them even bought me a slice of pizza from a nearby place.  

Oh, I made some pretty alright money, too.  


So all in all, it feels crappy to not be solely making a living with a camera, but it felt good to be back in the bartending saddle. I may just be in a bit of a professional rut that will eventually end. Or I might have to supplement my income for the long run. But either way it shakes out, it's nice to know I have a place full of scallywags that I can go to, make some extra skins, and feel at home.  


We also serve Lone Star Beer from Captain Jeremy's current home state of Texas. Every bottle has a riddle under the hood that I'm going to post to the gram and take guesses on. Maybe we will give away some prizes in the future...



And did I mention that it's a BAR inside of an ART GALLERY that are both open until 2:00am? That's fucking AWESOME!

See you there if you're brave enough.

-Captain Steven Danger Squall, 808 Scallywags

Steve Squall