The Clone Wars

It's recommendation Monday! Actually, I don't know if I will do this every Monday or not. Hell, I'm not even sure I will keep recommending shit. So don't start a hashtag yet. In fact, never start or use hashtags. Ever.

But for now, its Monday and I'm recommending something. So it's recommendation Monday!

I just recently finished watching the animated series set in the Clone Wars era of the Star Wars universe. That's between episodes II and III for those keeping score. I initially avoided this series because the first few episodes felt a little too "kiddie" for my taste.  But I wish I would have stuck it out when it originally aired. 

By the middle of the first season the tone of the show shifted to a more mature one and by the end of the 5th season it was regularly walking on the dark side. There are more kid friendly episodes peppered throughout the series. But the overall tone is more PG-13; there are no boobs or blood, but people die and it often explores complex themes. The ethics of waging a war with an army of clones bred specifically for armed conflict is a running topic.  

It also dives, very deeply, into more nuanced relationships between characters that the prequel films didn't do. I have a suspicion that the original plan was to do this series live action but that the price tag would have been too high to make it possible.

Its a sprawling, epic account of an age of heroes and villains and magic and war in that galaxy I am so fond of.  It was really great to get a full telling of a piece of the Star Wars history that we had heard so much about and only got to see the very beginning and very end of in film.  

So switch your setting from jaded old man to kid again, log onto Netflix, and prepare for war! You might be pleasantly surprised.  

Oh, and Disney just announced that they will finally be doing the cancelled final season... 


Steve Squall