Welcome to Thunderdome


Is this thing on?... It is?... They can?

Hello boys and girls!

My name is Captain Steven Danger Squall. I am the co-founder of TRIBE, a full time freelance photographer, and common sense advocate. 

Jeremy has made the mistake of giving me this piece of the site to brain fart all over. I'm writing this while on the toilet, actually. That may be too much information. But knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle. 

In the future you can expect to see a lot of random memes that I find while I'm drinking coffee in the morning, lots of photos that I take/have taken, and probably the odd musings on some music or movies that I recently put in my head holes. There will be cursing, there will be opinions, there will be nudity (female and male), there will be lots of references to Star Wars and Bone Thugs -n- Harmony. But, I solemnly swear to always only have one eye on the road and that the wheels may fall off at any moment.

So stick around, if you have the guts, and let's see where the wind wants to take us! 👈 (Does the exclaimation point make me seem too eager? I don't want to make a desperate first impression.)

Con Amor, 

Steven Danger Squall, Captain, 808th Scallywags


Steve Squall