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Keep Your teeth sharp


The TRIBE Legacy Capsule is a collection of designs featuring the work of artists across many different realms. In this digital landscape, what we see is often dictated by an algorithm tucked away in some deep, dark server warehouse in the desert. We hope to create a format that let's us embrace the TRIBE mentality. Allowing us to do what many creators want more than anything — For their work to be consumed. We understand that this format isn’t for everyone, but for many it will be a fun way to share their work, have it produced and be an intricate part of the TRIBE community.

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  • The designer receives 100% of all profits from the sale of the first version variation - Maximum payout $300.00. 
  • TRIBE then releases the 2nd version variation which is a 70/30 profit split with a maximum profit share payout of $1500.00 to the designer. Total maximum payout $1800.00 (including first variation profits).
  • All payouts will occur quarterly. 
  • After a designer has maxed out, they can submit new designs to the TRIBE Legacy Capsule for review.
  • Ideally this will create an organic reach across the TRIBE community and be a win for all involved.
  • “Can I do it for a cause?” - Definitely! you can choose any percentage of your payout to be donated to a cause of your choice. Once approved we will make sure everyone knows about the cause you're contributing to.
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